653 years after the Fall of Rishamer:
Upon the ancient ruins of old glorious kingdoms have emerged, with shining castles, bustling towns and lush plow lands.
However, with the people following their day work and ignoring their ancestor’s legacy, the spark of the old magocracy flares in the dark, giving life to forces caring for neither gods nor men…

If you ever played in a large fantasy setting, you probably had to read through lots of background material. Araclia is going to be a large fantasy setting, but you won’t need to capture every detail before getting started. You will find it as easy to enter Araclia as it is rewarding to play for a long time.

  • Enter a large, colorful medieval-fantasy-setting!
  • Explore fascinating cross-connections while playing unique adventures!
  • Learn about new races and you won’t miss dwarves and elves any longer.
  • Experience magic and sorcery as something rare and special, yes, even something forbidden!
  • Let yourself be inspired by countless adventure hooks and enjoy the space and creative freedom you’re given to implement your own ideas!

Araclia will be released in German in 2013 and, if successful, be translated into English. However, the Araclia Roleplaying Game Music is already available!