Destiny Dungeon

When the humans came to Istarea, the Hordes had already destroyed the elven empire and overrun the dwarven vaults. Still now they ravage the realm and only the most daring adventurers set foot in the ruins of old. Covered by dust and guarded by monstrous creatures lie treasures and artifacts beyond imagination which may be the key to a new era…

Scheduled for release in 2013.

With catchy classes, flexible scenarios and a fascinating XP-for-Gold-concept, Destiny Dungeon takes you on a journey to the roots of roleplaying. If you ever wanted to experience traditional genre feeling in combination with fresh, original game mechanics, this game is for you. It is based on the Destiny rule core and adapted for extensive old-school-Roleplaying. Take a step closer into a world where adventures are still dangerous and treasures worth going after!


The Destiny Dungeon book (156 pages, 17×22) will contain:

  • versatile, easy to learn game rules, based on the Destiny rule core,
  • the Kingdom of Istarea, in which players have full control and responsibility about where they go and what they do. No matter where the are headed, they will find a compelling scenario there!
  • 22 scenarios with maps and plans, location-based and subtly interwoven for “proactive” Sandbox-campaigning,
  • tables, events, rumors and much more material for the improvising game master!